A great opportunity to grow your customer base lies in the value of brand partnerships. This involves linking up with brands in the same customer demographic space allowing you to share access and cross promote your products and services.

Of mutual benefit to both your brand and that of your chosen brand partner, you can then exchange social media sharing, instore or weblinks and even develop bespoke promotions.

For many Zeus clients from fashion to healthcare clients we employ this campaign tactic to great effect.

As well as the customer acquisition, brand exposure and digital optimisation benefits, it is highly cost effective so implemented wisely it will deliver considerable cost savings to your marketing budget – allowing you to cut back on advertising, PPC and so forth.

To cite examples of how this works in practice, we are midway through a 3 year NHS campaign running across Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester to promote their sexual health provision across the region – and by teaming up with sports, food and entertainment venues and colleges & universities, which are closely aligned to each of the key social demographics – we are rolling out the new gosh brand. Brand partners are displaying the gosh brand partner logo on their marketing materials, online on their social channels and in their facilities with gosh posters in toilets, and other public areas.

However this campaign tactic works equally well in a more commercial sense – for instance we have teamed up a high end luxury travel brand Just Resorts with Living Ventures – the premium restaurant group, to offer a holiday in return for significant data capture and in-venue brand exposure.