Gaining followers on social media can be difficult, especially if it is for a client who is new to the Twittersphere and Facebook world. Increasing their follower base can be a great advantage as it can expose them to new customers and help establish them as a well-known brand.

Here are a few quick pointers that we have put together to help you gain followers for all social media accounts.


Tweeting or posting a couple times a day lets your audience know that you are active on social media, which will make them more inclined to follow you. New and old customers want to be updated with news on the regular, so this is a great way to do it.

Make sure you engage with your followers by simply retweeting or replying to any mentions or queries. This shows potential followers and customers that you are making the effort to connect with your audience and that you are available to assist or respond to them instantly.

Actively Find and Follow Others

A good way to increase your followers is to actively find other accounts that are related to the target demographic. You should follow and engage with as many accounts as possible.  This again lets them know that the service exists on social media platforms. Even if they don’t follow back, engaging with them will increase exposure and if people like what is being posted, they will follow.

Timing of Posts

When possible, try to tweet during peak times or when Twitter activity is high as this will give your posts greater visibility. We recommend middays and evenings as most people will be either on a break or have finished work. It is also worth noting to avoid tweeting and posting too much, this can drive people away from your account if they are not interested in the content.

Hold Competitions and Giveaways

Offer freebies or rewards for followers, this will give people an incentive to follow the account if they are interested in the prize. If you hold competitions, make sure that sharing and liking the Facebook page or following the Twitter account is a requirement for entry, as this will boost the account’s activity and followers.

Make People Aware

Don’t be shy about linking your social media accounts everywhere. Link it to your blog, email signature, website and anywhere else you have an online presence.  This will let people know that you actively engage with social media.

Share the media coverage that your client has been featured in and tag the publication. This is a way to show appreciation for the feature but also it highlights your latest news and shows that there is something interesting to take notice of.

If you need help with your business’ social media profiles, then just get in touch!