A hard working programme of education PR & marketing is now part and parcel of most successful school or college priorities.

Whether you are a state or independent school or college, achieving standout in a catchment, and extending your reputation into other areas is key to influencing parental and pupil choice – consequently supporting pupil recruitment. Competition to attract pupils has never been fiercer, and budgets need to work harder on a lower cost base – this is our specialism!

For a fraction of the price of paid-for advertising in a regional lifestyle magazine or newspaper, Zeus PR has been supporting educational senior leadership teams throughout the UK for over 10 years.

We recognise that more often than not schools and colleges do not have the resource to research and draft news copy, place regular calls to the news and features media, capture good media photography, this is what we do every day for the schools and colleges we represent.

Our news trained team drafts your press releases in press style. We use these to generate awareness of a school or college’s achievements, placing your exciting news and details of events by creating editorial news pieces and thought leadership features for target newspapers, lifestyle magazines, educational titles and on highly subscribed digital news websites.

We liaise directly with news and feature editorial teams to ensure our clients do not have to pay the publications and digital media sites for the media exposure, and are placed on the pages that prospective parents read.

Zeus PR also supports your Google presence by ensuring key word inclusion in digital news pieces, and generating powerful content for websites and social media channels supporting SEO optimisation.

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