A PR filled Summer!

It certainly was a busy August here at Zeus HQ. We have a number of school and college clients both in the UK and for the international market, and each one does both A-Levels and GCSEs.

For any school, results are the biggest day of the year, so we as a PR company have to shout about it and generate as much publicity as possible.

It all comes down to precise organisation and planning, which begins months in advance. We sit down with each client to identify students who are predicted to do exceptionally well, or who will succeed despite overcoming adversity.

We do roughly 50 press releases in preparation, writing a release for each school/college as a whole celebrating the incredible figures as well as targeted releases for the individual students we have already identified. We then issue them (if the student has done as well as expected) to the local press so that we achieve coverage across various areas.

On top of that we do our very best to secure broadcast coverage wherever possible and this year has been no exception. Abbey College Manchester was featured throughout the day on both Capital Manchester and Key 103 and was filmed for That’s Manchester TV.

This was also our first year with the wonderful, Beech Hall School in Macclesfield and the success of their students was played throughout the day on Silk FM.

The morning of results is always hectic and requires plenty of team support and ultimate organisation.

The journalists have already been called, the contact details have been logged and the bones of each press release are ready, hoping to be filled with some excellent grades.

As each student comes in to collect the grades, the contact at each school and college is on hand to send us the grades and a photo so that we can complete the release and whiz it out to press. Of course, this takes patience and you must remain calm as there are a number of results coming in from different clients all morning.

It is exciting and you can’t help but feel a sense of pride for these individuals who are going on to further their education thanks to the hard work and effort they have put in.

We have had some excellent coverage this year.