For many clients, as part of their PR programme, we manage their company award-entry programme, achieving for them much success in securing coveted accolades and the heightened exposure which comes with the high-profile award schemes.

To assist businesses who haven’t as yet dipped their toes in the sometimes-confusing world of awards. Or perhaps those who have entered several without much success as yet. We have put together a brief guide sharing some key insights from our team.


Which awards are right for me?

This all depends on where you want to achieve exposure and increased visibility?

The first step is to identify the purpose – so for example, are you looking to showcase your achievements in a specific sector? If so, many sectors will have supplier awards – ideal for demonstrating the value you can bring to a legal, insurance, manufacturing or a healthcare business for example.

Or maybe you are interested in securing profile in a peer-to-peer awards programme i.e. within your own industry. Ideal for attracting interest from a potential buyer or investors if you want to benefit from funding, an exit or even take a step down from your business for example.

Regional business awards, may also be on your radar, for the same reasons above. Or are also useful for building your employer brand, and attracting interest from potential employees. Many programmes have employer recognition awards for instance.


How do I go about it?

Set time aside to research thoroughly which ones are worthy of your time. There are hundreds of schemes, and not all are equal!

Awards often have media titles aligned to them, which can be particularly beneficial as finalists and winners are typically profiled in the print issues and on their digital platforms, giving you free valuable exposure.

Also, some awards initiatives charge for entry – so internal budget considerations then come into play.


Be mindful of deadlines

Writing this blog in mid February 2022, we know from our experience and research that many of the schemes for this year have already closed.

Typically, the entry deadlines are 6-9 months before the glittering ceremonies take place, so if you see a competitor collecting an award that you could have pipped to the post, make an advance diary note once you have checked the entry date/ deadline for the following year so you don’t miss out.


Preparation as always is key

It is very difficult to sit down and draft an award with a blank sheet of paper. More often than not you need lots of details and need to be prepared to share data such as statistics to show key indicators to prove your case for example, demonstrating growth, efficiencies, happy clients giving testimonials, whatever will strengthen your case as to why you should win.

Start well in advance – maybe ask you clients as a project is coming to the end, if you can enter it into an award. Hopefully they will be very obliging as it will heighten their profile too!


Attend attend, attend

Presuming you follow our guidance; and have prepared your submission well, you should stand a good chance of being shortlisted for an award.

This being the case, whatever you do – you really must go to the ceremony!

Purchasing a ticket shows your interest, commitment and respect for the organisers.


Leveraging the Win

After all the effort that has gone into researching, preparing and submitting the entry, keep in mind the need to maximise the opportunity to the full.

Press releases and social posts on your channels can be employed effectively at timely points to give you a few ‘bites of the cherry’.

You should be announcing your delight at being shortlisted as you receive the news, and then posting perhaps in the run up to the ceremony.

With the cherry on top being your big win on the night, complete with a post-event press release and event images. This should be being issued to key media, shared on your website and on your social feeds to make sure no one is in doubt who won the award!


And if the above all seems too much…..

Hopefully after reading our guide, you feel much more equipped to go forth and win lots of awards, however the whole process can be very time consuming, so do feel free to enquire about how we can support you if this is the case.

After all, we love nothing more than seeing our clients collect another trophy for their cabinets!