We have been busy working with our innovative client who repairs and refurbishes waste and recycling containers, UK Container Maintenance. They have saved an old double-decker bus from scrap and transformed it into an educational vehicle.

By practising what it preaches, UKCM has restored the bus back to its former glory by reusing materials that would have usually been disposed off. The sophisticated leather seats have been reupholstered using off cuts and the electrical devices such as the 50inch flat screen TV and iPads are second hand and have been refurbished to full working order.

The bus also boasts a modern bar and on the top deck part of the roof has been removed to make way for an open top garden area which will contain artificial grass and relaxing deckchairs. The outside will be vinyl wrapped and branded with the UKCM’s logo.

The bus will provide an educational experience into what UKCM does and the benefits it offers. Fully roadworthy, the bus will travel up and down the country to trade shows as well visiting schools to teach children the importance of recycling.

We can’t wait to catch a ride!