Many of our clients, especially the smaller, ambitious brands we work with, are increasingly turning to digital PR as a means of improving their Google ranking.

Quite simply put – Google loves organic high-quality backlinks from authentic and highly credible websites and online publications. This is great news for companies that don’t have an endless budget for Google Adwords.

With the rapid growth of digital publications, and online influencers (bloggers), there are a multitude of high netting channels to target in your quest for ranking more highly than your competitors, and a whole host of ways you can achieve a presence on their sites.

Here are some examples of how we help clients secure valuable placement, and hence backlinks from the digital media sites and influencers:-

  • Produce concise and well written news releases for issue to the relevant digital media – carefully crafted and written for the target demographic in mind. Business, lifestyle or special interest…. These are then sent with strong imagery to the editors or influencers
  • Promotions – offering ‘the chance to win’ for a subscriber, or special offers with a backlink to your site for further information (or even better create a special landing page on your website for the specific promotion). Or set up a special voucher code
  • Offer key bloggers an opportunity to review for free your product or service, in return for a write up and a link to your website
  • Run a press event or blogger event – allowing for some ‘theatre’ that promotes an aspect of your business for attendees to film – we recently held an event for Turtle Wax, allowing attendees to get their cars very mucky on a Landrover off-road experience, which made for great filming opportunities!
  • If you have an expertise in an area, whether an accountant’s firm, car repair business, upholstering or veterinary practice, offer a complimentary advice feature in the form of a feature in return for a brand reference and link back to your website
  • Enlist the support of a high profile celebrity, who has a huge social media following, to support your brand presence at an event, product launch or a corporate event.

We are always excited to speak to brands about how we can support their Google optimisation – please feel free to get in touch if you would like to arrange a meeting!